About Us

About Us

Welcome to the SupportMeIndia.com blog. We have created this blog to help those people who want to do business online, earn money from internet or want to learn something new on internet.

For such people, we share new information related to earning money online, blogging, earning money from blogging, doing business and internet on this website.

We want that we should provide the necessary information about the Internet to the people in Hindi language, that is, our mother tongue, and along with helping people, we should also promote the language of our country.

This is our small initiative to help the people of our country and do something for the country. That’s why we have named this blog of ours as Support World (Support my India).

Our aim is to help those people who want to earn from home. That is why on this blog, we mostly share information about online business and earning money online.

About SupportWorld

This is a website on which blogging, earning money online, social media, creating own website, managing website, helping website owner and blogger, tutorials in Hindi with latest and latest information are shared.

Helping people to be successful is also a special purpose of this website. That’s why we also share information about Life Success on this website. So that the depressed people can be motivated and help them to live a better life.

If you want to make income sitting at home online through internet then this website is the best platform for you.

In European countries, many people earn millions every month through the Internet, so why not we Indians? Me and you all can do that. Just for this you should have basic information to earn money from internet.

On this website, you will not only get the basic information of earning money through net but also complete information and every possible help will be given to you. On this you will get information about 20+ topics.

If you like this work of ours, then you must share it with your friends on this web social media and if possible then tell other people about it so that all of them along with you can also take advantage of the information given on this website. .

Purpose Of Blog

Free blogging, sharing helping content on SEO so that new users can also learn blogging.
Helping online bloggers and informing people about what not to do with the internet.
Providing Blogging Guidelines in Hindi language for Hindi bloggers (who do not know English).
Providing all information related to internet, which is helpful for us Indians and not yet available in Hindi language on internet.

This is not enough, the biggest purpose of creating this blog is to help our country and the people of our country and we are doing this for the last 3-4 years.

about us

My name is Gulshan and I am the founder of this blog, I am a resident of Delhi. We have created this website to help the people of our country and country.

Actually, since childhood, I was fond of helping people. I started this from school time, when I used to help my fellow students in solving Mathematics questions.

How much pleasure I used to get in this work, it is difficult to describe in words here. This passion of mine kept increasing day by day and later I chose the Internet for this.

17th July was the day of 2021, when I entered the world of blogging. My only mission in anger was that I should do something that will help people and I can earn some money (to run my house).

Blogging helped me in this. I not only ended the problem of blogging but also got blessings from the hearts of thousands of people. Of course I was happy with it and am happy.

I have also written an article about it, in which I have explained about it in detail. I am giving a link to an Artica here.

Helping people through internet has now become my passion. Now every day I think that what kind of information I share for the readers of my blog, so that they can be of maximum help.

If you need any help now or have any query, you can directly mail us at ncn6666[at]yahoo.com.