How To Make Money From Blog In 2021 [Top 10 Ways]

How To Make Money From Blog In 2022

Make Money From Blog

Blogging is a great way to earn money online. Many people are also earning money from blog. You are reading this article means you also want to earn money from blog? Is not it?

Maybe you are about to start blogging but you do not understand how to earn money from blog. Or maybe you have already created a blog and want to know how to earn money from blog.

This article can help every person who wants to earn money from blog. If you want to make a career in blogging, then you must read this article.

How to earn money from blog? [Top 10 Ways]

Let us first talk about how to earn money from blog. You can earn from your blog using many different methods. Below are 10 methods from which you can earn good money.

1. Earn money from Adsense advertising

Earning money by placing ads on the blog is a very common and easy way. Most bloggers use Adsense to earn money from advertising.

Adsense is an advertising platform of Google where you can register your website or blog. After getting Adsense approval, you put some codes on your blog and after that the visitors who come to your blog start seeing ads.

Whenever a person comes to your blog and clicks on any ad, you get his money. You can see the information of how many people saw the advertisement and how many clicks were made on your Adsense account.

We have already given all the information step by step in a separate post about how to create an account on Adsense, you can also read it for more information.

2. You can earn money from Direct Ads

Direct Ads

If you use Adsense, then you do not have complete control over the ads appearing on your blog. Google shows automatic ads according to the content and audience of your blog. And the income earned on it also depends on many things.

But if you place direct ads or private ads on your blog and deal directly with an advertiser at a fixed rate, then you can earn good money. And the entire earning from this will be yours, you will not have to share any third party.

But this work is not as easy as Adsense, for this you will have to work hard. You have to do prospecting, find people who are ready to place ads on your site. And for this you also have to assure them that they will get benefit from the advertisement.

3. Earn Money With Sponsorship

If your blog is very popular, you have traffic, people like your content and are connected to your blog. You can earn good money from sponsorship.

Sponsorship means that you can publish by writing a post about the product / service of a company and in return you can take money from that company.

To get sponsorship, you should keep some things in mind:

You should definitely put a Contact us / Sponsor page in your blog so that people can contact you.
Publish great quality content.
By searching related brands from your blog niche, you can contact them for sponsorship.
If you have good followers on social media too, then tell the company about this too and they can promote the product on social media as well.

If you want brands to contact you on their own, then it is best that you register your blog on websites like Flyout (Sponsored post network).

4. Earn Money By Writing Paid Review

The word “Paid Review” sounds like a negative in itself, but if you have used a product or service and you like it, then there is no harm in writing a review about it.

You can talk to the relevant company from your niche to review their product and charge money in return.

While writing the review, keep in mind that your information should be correct, be loyal to your audience and do not give them wrong information.

5. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular method after Adsense to earn money from blog. But there is a lot of difference between earning money from ads and earning money from affiliate.

Where you earn a little money according to the per click in Adsense, with affiliate marketing you can earn a good commission in a single sale. That’s why nowadays this way of earning money from blog is becoming very popular.

For this, you have to join the affiliate network and choose the product from there and put its affiliate link inside your content. When someone buys that product through your link, then you get some percent commission.

For more information read: What is Affiliate Marketing? How to do Affiliate Marketing? (5 Steps)

6. Make Money Selling Your Own eBook

If you have good knowledge about a topic or you can teach something to people, then you can convert that information into Ebook. Set a price for that ebook and promote it in your blog post. You can earn even better money when people buy that book.

The best thing about eBook selling is that you do not have to spend any money to make it and almost the entire earning from it is yours.

7. Can sell own product

Just like you can sell eBook, you can also sell your own physical products through your blog. If you want, you can create an online store in your blog using Woocommerce plugin.

8. You can earn by creating your own online course

Can you teach people online? Can you create video courses? If yes, then you must use this best way to earn money.

You can easily turn your WordPress blog into an online teaching platform using plugins like LearnDash.

9. Can start freelancing service

Freelancing is a very popular way of earning online. A freelancer can earn good money sitting at home. Freelancer is one who works with online projects and takes payment from the client on completion of the work.

Most of the freelancers face problem in finding work. For this, they have to attract clients to themselves. Although there are many freelancing websites available for this, but you can also use your blog for this work.

You can increase your credibility and attract clients by sharing quality content, your knowledge, experience etc. on your blog.

You can also create a portfolio page on your blog where you can tell about your skills, experience, your past projects etc.

For more information read: What is Freelancing, how to earn money from home?

10. Your Blog Can Get You a Job

Yes, it may sound a bit strange but it is true. Your blog can also get you a job. As we told about freelancing above, how you can get freelancing projects from blog, in the same way you can also get jobs from blog.

For this you can use your blog as a resume. And you can share many information in this online resume like:

What things come to you?
What type of projects have you worked on?
How much work experience do you have?
What skills do you have?

Apart from this, you can also share your own work experience with people.

Some common questions and answers about how to earn money from blogging – FAQ

Often while starting blogging, people would have many questions about the earning from blogging. The answers to some such questions are given below.

How much money can I earn from blogging?

There can be no definite answer to this, some people are not able to earn anything from blogging, while many people earn lakhs of rupees too. It depends on many things like: on which niche you are blogging, how much traffic is on your blog, what is your monetization method etc.

How to earn income from blog?

Most of the people make money from Adsense advertising and affiliate marketing on your blog. Apart from this, there are many other ways to earn money from blog, which we have told in this article.

How many days does it take to earn money from a blog?

If you want to earn money from blog, then you should consider blogging as a business. Just as we need to be patient to earn money from any business, similarly you should not think about money in the beginning and focus on writing quality content. If done properly, you will start earning money in 6 months, although it also depends on many things.

How do we get paid by blogging

If you are using Adsense, then money is sent directly to your bank account by Google on 21st of every month through wire transfer. If you are earning money in any other way then you can use Paypal account, Payoneer etc.

If you want to know something more about how to earn money from blog or want to say something about this topic, then do comment below.

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