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You all will be well aware that the main purpose of VPN is to hide your online activity and also to protect you from hackers, trackers, spying software etc. By using a VPN, your entire online activity is secure and away from the eyes of others.

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VPN whose forum is Virtual Private Network, is not only used for security and privacy, but it also helps in unblocking many places where there is region-locked content. For example content from Disney Plus, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.

In such a situation, in today’s time you will find hundreds of VPN providers in the market, while choosing one among them is a very difficult task. Therefore, to ease your inconvenience, today we will know about a VPN service (iTop VPN) which is not only the best in its work, but it is also very economical and it is equally easy to use.

Yes, today we will do a complete review of iTop VPN, know about all its features. Together you will know about what is better in it and how you can use it properly. So without delay let’s start.

iTop VPN Features
Let us know directly what are the features of iTop VPN and how it is all good for us to use it.

Superb Speed ​​and Unbounded Bandwidth
The main feature of iTop VPN is its excellent bandwidth and blazing speed. Whenever you cross the data limitations, then you will not get any policy which will reduce your speed.

Secures your data
In iTop VPN you will not get any kind of logging policy which means that your data is always secure and you will not have to fill any kind of details like your ISP address always. It also does not track your data, which makes it a secure VPN.

Provides Privacy Protection
iTop VPN provides military-grade encryption, which protects your privacy and perfectly hides your location. It averts your activities like browsing, online payments etc without informing hackers and authorities.

iStop VPN gives users access to all the servers as they have servers in most of the localities. It enhances and unlocks various geographically locked content. For example, if a Netflix US show is not available, you can use iTop VPN Servers USA-based servers to access that show.

Available in Geo-Restricted Websites
There are many gaming and other websites that are restricted to a specific area. By using a VPN, you can access them all through iTop VPN. All blocked services will be available to you in no time.

Kill Switch
The primary purpose of a kill switch is to block traffic after the VPN is disconnected. Similarly, iTop VPN also accepts the disconnection of the VPN and blocks the traffic. This way, your IP address is never exposed. That’s why it acts like a circuit breaker and makes sure your connection is safe and secure.

iTop VPN’s Customer Support – Free VPN
If you encounter any issues while using iTop’s VPN protection, you can contact its customer support for assistance. The problem is that iTop support can only be reached via an online form or Facebook Messenger – there’s no live chat or phone support available.

While we have learned to lower our expectations of customer support capabilities during the pandemic, we still feel there should be at least one channel of direct support available to users.

In addition to contacting support, you can also find answers in the blog and FAQ sections. A comprehensive knowledge base or question center is also lacking here, but it should hopefully be added to iTop VPN’s website soon.

Benefits of iTop VPN
Now let us know what are all the benefits of using iTop VPN.

This is much more economical.
You get tremendous speed in this
It is also capable of unblocking many streaming platforms such as Netflix etc.
It does not have any kind of no-logs policy.
Salsa20 (chacha20) 256-bit encryption
In this you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Its encryption is very good.

Disadvantages of iTop VPN
Now let us know what are all the disadvantages of using iTop VPN.

In this you do not get torrenting support.
In free services, you get low data limits.
Limited platform availability.

Is iTop VPN Free?
Yes, you also get a free version in iTop VPN. But in this free version you do not get advanced security features like in the premium version. That is, your network usage is limited to 700 MB/day.

How can we cancel iTop VPN subscription?
If you want to cancel your iTop VPN subscription, then you will have to submit a ticket to the iTop site. If you want, you can easily cancel the subscription by contacting their Customer Care.

Does iTop VPN also work with platforms like Netflix?
Yes friends, iTop VPN works very well with platforms like Netflix. It replaces your IP with the address of the server you connect to, so you can watch whatever you want. iTop VPN lets you access different Netflix libraries to watch movies and TV shows.

Our opinion about iTop VPN
iTop is not the best VPN out of us too many VPNs. And we liked its features. It works quite well, and they have a large server network. It also provides enhanced security to its users. On top of all that, iStop VPN is also quite affordable, especially for a long time commitment. Dedicated servers make it very easy for those who want to get this VPN for a specific purpose.

On the other hand, the inconsistency in speed and drop-off may be a bit much for some people. It doesn’t have an impressive list of protocols, and it lacks support. If you don’t want to spend a lot and need a good mid-tier VPN, iTop VPN could be a good pick in 2021.

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