Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts 2023 for Internet Users

Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts 2021 for Internet Users

Everyone knows how to operate a computer, but if you have knowledge of computer keyboard shortcuts, then you can make your online work easier. Here I am telling you about the top 40 keyboard shortcuts of keyboard, with which you can make your work easier than before.

The top 40 keyboard shortcuts mentioned here can prove to be useful especially for the users working online, if you work online, then definitely know about them because they will speed up your typing speed and you can do your work in less time than before. You will find

All web browsers share a large number of keyboard shortcuts whether you are using Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Google Chrome. The top keyboard shortcuts listed here will work in your browser.

Most of the work today is done online and if you use internet shortcut keys instead of using the mouse to operate web browsers then you can get your work done in half the time.

Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet User
If you understand all these keyboard key button shortcuts properly, then I can say with confidence that you can do your 2 hours work in 1 hour.

1. Alt + Space: Use to open Main menu.

2. Alt + Home: Use to load the browser’s homepage.

3. Alt + Enter: Using this key you can open the link typed in the address bar in another address bar.

4. Ctrl + H: If you want to see your browsing history, then Ctrl + H key is only to open browsing history.

5. Ctrl + S: With the Ctrl + S key, you can save the opened page in computer, laptop.

6. Ctrl + D: You can bookmark the open website in the browser.

7. Ctrl + P: With this key you can print out the opened web page.

8. Ctrl + O: Use the Ctrl + O key to open any file saved in the computer.

9. Ctrl + U: Open the source code of web pages.

10. Ctrl + Sift + Delete: Press to open the window to delete browsing history.

11. Ctrl + J: You can open your download history with Ctrl + J key.

12. Ctrl + G: Press to find the next matching text item on the web page.

13. Ctrl + F3, F: You can use this key to search any web page.

14. Ctrl + L or Alt + D: To focus on the address bar so that you can type on it.

15. Ctrl + Sift + G and Sift + F3: To search text to match previous on web page.

16. End: Press the end key to go to the bottom of the web page.

17. Ctrl + Minus: Use to zoom out the content of any web page.

18. Ctrl + Plus: Use to zoom in on the contents of any web page.

19. Ctrl + Sift + Tab: To go to the tab behind the tab you are on.

20. If you want to close all the tabs then press Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 key.

21. Ctrl + N: You can use Ctrl + N to open new browser windows.

22. Sift + Left Click: If you want to open a link in another browser window, then left click of the mouse with the Sift key on that link.

23. Alt + Right Arrow, Sift + Backspace: Press to forward the online video.

25. Esc: To close.

26. Use the F5 key to reload a page.

27. Ctrl + Sift + Left Click: To open any link in another tab.

28. Alt + 4: If you want to close the browser, then press Alt + 4 key.

29. Ctrl + Sift + T: Use to re-open the last tab that was closed by mistake.

30. Ctrl + Tab: To go to the next tab from the tab you are currently in.

31. Ctrl + 9: Press Ctrl + 9 key to go to the last tab out of all the tabs open in the browser.

32. Ctrl + Enter: Next to any words typed in the address bar, www. And press Ctrl+Enter key to apply .com automatic back.

33. Ctrl + F : Open a search box on a web page.

34. Ctrl + 1 – 8: All numbers work from 1 to 8) With the help of this shortcut, you can switch between open tabs in the browser. Whatever number is pressed with Ctrl, the tab of that number will be opened.

35. Ctrl + 0: To set the page to default zoom.

36. Space Bar or Page Up: To scroll web pages.

37. Home: To go to the home page of the web page.

38. Middle Click: To set scrolling of webpage on mouse movement.

39. With Windows key + D, you can hide and show all the tabs open in the browser.

40. By pressing the F1 key together, you can open the help box.

41. F11: Use f11 to go to full screen mode.

To do any type of work on the computer, one should know about the keyboard shortcuts key. Also, knowledge of typing is also necessary and you will be able to do fast typing only when you know computer keyboard shortcuts.

If you understand the keyboard key, then you can do your work in less time than before. This will save your time and your keyboard experience will increase as well as your typing speed will be faster than before. By knowing about the top 40 shortcuts of computer keyboard mentioned in this post, you can make your work easier.

If you find the information about computer keyboard shortcuts useful in this post, then share it with internet users on social media so that they can read it and enhance their keyboard experience.

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