What is DMCA? How to protect blog content from being stolen?

What is DMCA?

What is DMCA? How to protect blog content from being stolen?

What is DMCA? (What is DMCA in Hindi?) What are its benefits? Just as it is wrong to steal a brand or someone’s creativity in the offline world, similarly it is wrong to steal someone’s content in this online world! And if you do so then appropriate action can be taken against you.

Yes, today we will talk about DMCA, because most of the bloggers or online business owners do not have any knowledge about the DMCA Act.

If you have ever noticed, there is a mark of DMCA Protected in the footer at the bottom of the web page of many websites! Now why does this only happen in some websites? And how can you use it too! Today we will learn on this topic.

Friends, in this article we will know in detail what is this DMCA? Why is it necessary for a blog or website, how to use it? And what are the benefits of using it!

What is a Blog? I have already told about this in detail, but today in this post we will know that DMCA Kya hai? And how to protect the content of the blog from being stolen?

So to get complete information on the subject of DMCA in very simple and easy language, definitely read this article till the end, let us know without delay.

What is DMCA? What is DMCA in Hindi

DMCA i.e. Digital Millennium Copyright Act it is a law! Which was implemented in the year 1998 by former US President Bill Clinton.

Friends, their purpose behind passing this law is to protect digital products like video, audio, images and text content from being stolen.

Friends, its importance increases for your blog or website, because you would not want the content created by you to be used by any other blogger or any person for your personal purpose.

Friends, if someone does this, then the DMCA Act helps in reporting the content of your website in case of theft.

Therefore, DMCA preserves the content of the website, let’s say friends, “You wrote an article on a topic and that article is copied by another blogger and pasted on your site”.

So in this situation you can report against that website using DMCA law. And you can get that content removed from another site!

So friends, by now you must have understood that what is this DMCA? Let us now know what are the benefits of using it on your site.

What are the benefits of DMCA?

Being a website owner, it protects the content of your website from being copied! And if someone uses your content on another website without your permission, you can report it.

DMCA helps you to give many information about the website that has stolen your content, title, URL etc. of that website.

The DMCA can regularly monitor your site, and find out if any article on your site is being copied.

You can directly message the person who has stolen the content through the DMCA and inform about this! That you have stolen our content and you should remove it immediately.

By identifying copy content, the DMCA helps you identify original content.

Apart from this, if you have DMCA activated on your site then you get a badge of this, which you can see this certificate on every web page of your website.

So friends, after knowing the above benefits, you can guess well! That’s how important DMCA protection is for your website!

And what can it do for your blog! So let’s go ahead and know how you can put DMCA Badge in your site.

Friends, now the question may come in your mind that why this DMCA badge is necessary for your site?

The DMCA badge tells about the security of your site’s content! The DMCA badge warns other website owners or any online user that your website content may be reported to the DMCA if it is stolen.

If you activate the DMCA Badge in your website, it appears as an icon in your site.

So friends, let us know how you can put DMCA Badge in your site.

How to put DMCA badge on your website or blog?

To add DMCA Badge, first go to the DMCA.com website.


After that here you will see an option of Badges, click on it.

In the next step, if you have not signed up, then signup by entering your First Name, Last Name and Email.


After successfully signing up friends, now many DMCA badges are visible in front of you here, you can select any of these badges.

You will now see a code appear on the site! You have to paste it in your website.


Friends, keep in mind that if you see this Badge in the footer, then you also have to add it to the footer of your website.

If your blog is on Blogger, then you have to add this code in the Html widget of Blogger.

And if your site is on WordPress platform, then you can install a plugin for it, which is named DMCA plugin.

Apart from this, there is an option of Header and Footer Script in the Themes of your WordPress site, then you can add badge by pasting this code in its footer.

So as soon as you add it to your blog! After that you can find out that your website is protected by DMCA by clicking on the DMCA badge No!

And if you have taken free DMCA protection, then you may have to wait for protection pending for 30 days.

Till then you can rest assured that the DMCA certificate will be activated in your blog.

And apart from this, if there is any problem while activating the DMCA certificate, then you can tell in the comment as usual.

What is DMCA

Friends, in this way you learned in today’s article that what is this DMCA? Why is this important for your website? And how can you also add DMCA Badge to your website! I hope this information will prove beneficial for you.

If you have any question related to DMCA Badge then definitely tell in the comment box. Also, if you like the information, then definitely share this article on social media with all bloggers.

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