When will Jio Phone Next launch?

JioPhone Next is actually Jio’s new offering in the smartphone segment. Yes friends, soon we will get Jio’s new smartphone “JioPhone Next” available in the market. This is because Reliance’s own telecom company Jio has officially announced on Friday, 29 October that they are going to bring this new phone.
Jio Phone Next

jio phone next features 2021

JioPhone Next has been prepared by Jio in collaboration with Google. It is expected to be the most popular and best budget smartphone in the coming times. In this project, Jio has partnered with Google to make it. At the same time, it is expected that we will get to see JioPhone Next in the Indian market by this Diwali. So then let us now know about what is Jio Phone Next and all its new features.

So without delay let’s start, when is Jio Phone Next launching.

Some of the best features of JioPhone Next 4G Smartphone
Let us now look at some of the best features of this new Jio Phone Next.

Voice Assistant
In this phone we will get the facility of voice assistant, so that users can easily operate the device with their voice. This will help them to open apps, manage settings and get necessary information from the internet.

The Listen Feauture:
When you’ve spent a lot of screen time, you may find it hard to put too much pressure on your eyes. In such a situation, with this new feature “Screen Read”, you can read the content of the screen in your own chosen language. So that you can understand them only by listening. .

With this ‘Translate’ functionality, users can very easily change the language of the screen according to their own. This means that you can also read the content of a foreign language website in your own language.

Smart Camera
In this you get the best camera which has many photography modes to help you. At the same time, the ‘portrait’ mode allows you to capture photos with blurred backgrounds, like in a professional camera. At the same time, with night mode, you can take good photos even when there is less light.

Preloaded Jio and Google Apps
Although this phone supports all android apps, but Jio and Google apps will be available preloaded in it. On the other hand, you can download the rest of the apps according to your need from Google Play Store.

Automatic Software Updates
Now you don’t have to worry about software updates in this phone as this phone is capable of updating its software on its own. With the new update, the security of your phone also increases manifold.

Long Battery Life
Pragati OS has been used in this new phone, which provides the user with excellent performance as well as long battery life.

Jio Phone Next: Price in India
The price of JioPhone Next is being said to be around Rs 6,499. At the same time, the company has also said that the customers who want to buy this phone can also take it with a down payment such as Rs 1,999. At the same time, you can pay the rest of the money through EMI.

Jio has also announced about some EMI plans, which customers can choose from. Let’s get their information :-

Jio Always-on Plan: In this plan, customers have to pay only Rs 300 per month for 24 months or Rs 350 per month that too for 18 months. In this plan you get 5GB data + 100 minutes per month.
Jio Large Plan: Customers opting for this plan will have to pay Rs 450 per month for 24 months or Rs 500 per month for 18 months. In this plan you get 1.5GB data per day with unlimited voice calls.
Jio XL Plan: In this plan, you will have to pay Rs 500 per month for 24 months or Rs 550 per month for 18 months. In this you get 2GB date per date with unlimited voice calling.
Jio XXL Plan: The person taking this plan will have to pay Rs 550 per month for 24 months or Rs 600 per month for 18 months. This plan offers 2.5GB data per day and that too with unlimited voice calls.

JioPhone Next: Specifications
Now let’s know about all the specification of JioPhone Next.

The JioPhone Next sports a 545-inch display screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

In this you get 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

In JioPhone Next, you get a big and good battery 3,500mAh battery.

This smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215 processor.

This phone has 2GB RAM and 3GB in-built storage. Storage can be expanded up to 512GB (Micro SD).

When will JioPhone Next launch in India?
JioPhone Next is expected to launch by Diwali of this year. As soon as possible we will get it available in JioMart Digital retail stores. This is a Made in India smartphone, which has been made in collaboration with Google. At the same time, this indigenous OS has been built in “Pragati OS”, which is an optimized Android version. The OS will enable access to Play Store apps over the air updates.

What does Sundar Pichai ji have to say about JioPhone Next?
Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has praised the JioPhone Next. He said that it has been specially designed for Indians. At the same time, this is going to be a very affordable smartphone for us Indians. At the same time, it will also get all the features that a smart must have.

At the same time, the company’s team of both together has also solved many complex engineering and design challenges of this phone.

What is the price of jio phone next?
The price of JioPhone Next is being said to be around Rs 6,499.

When will Jio Phone Next launch?
Jio Phone Next has been launched on 29 October.

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